Hao Li, PhD

Chief Executive Officer


Dr. Li is an expert in nanotechnology and biomaterial research, also with extensive experience in commercialization of biotech.  As a co-founder of Nanova Inc, he led a team to develop multiple innovative medical devices cleared by FDA.  He will be in charge of the general management of the company, coordinating business plan, IP and communication with medical community and FDA, supervising the nanotechnology based drug delivery research.

David Anderson, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer


Dr. Anderson has deep expertise in target-based drug discovery/development & personalized molecular diagnostics. He built and managed innovative drug discovery and development companies, including Signal Pharmaceuticals from start-up (focused on kinases and other gene-regulating targets) to acquisition by Celgene Corporation and Proprius Pharmaceuticals from start-up (focused on Personalized Medicine and Molecular Diagnostics) to acquisition by Cypress Bioscience. David has held senior positions at major pharmaceutical companies (Johnson & Johnson; Celgene; Searle) and biotechnology companies (Ignyta, Eclipse Therapeutics, Visionary Pharmaceuticals). He was leader or member of teams responsible for development of five approved drugs (Procrit®, Leustatin®, and Revlimid® for hematology/oncology indications, Zubrin® for veterinary arthritis use, and Surfaxin® for respiratory distress syndrome), nine INDs, and two Personalized Dx products (AVISE-PG® & AVISE-MCV®) for rheumatoid arthritis. Dr. Anderson has also held academic positions at The University of Colorado, The Scripps Research Institute, and The University of Missouri. He will supervise the drug discovery and development efforts.


Hongmin Sun, PhD

Scientific Advisor for Microbiology Drug Discovery 


Dr. Sun is  an Associated Professor at University of Missouri. Dr. Sun has extensive experience in molecular Biology, Genetics, microbiology and High throughput Screening research. She started working on the roles of streptokinase in S. pyogenes pathogenicity (Science 305:1283-6, 2004), which forms the foundation of the green antibiotics discovery. Dr. Sun will continue leading the R&D research in efficacy, mechanism of action and animal studies.

Stephen Barnes, MD, FACS

Chief Medical Advisor


Dr. Barnes is an academic surgeon and researcher with significant clinical experience and expertise in the care of the acutely ill and injured and research experience and expertise in human trials.  He presently fills leadership roles within the Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma, American Association for the Surgery of Trauma and the American College of Surgeons Committee on Trauma with a research funding history through both the Department of Defense and the Coulter Translational Partnership Program.   As a board certified trauma surgeon, he began his career with the United States Air Force, caring for those injured in Iraq and Afghanistan and today serves as the Chief of the Division of Acute Care Surgery, Trauma, Burns and Surgical Critical Care at the University of Missouri’s Frank L. Mitchell Jr Trauma Center.  Routinely caring for the gravely ill and injured, Dr. Barnes’ clinical practice includes the management of infections of all types.   He will contribute his core expertise in both the animal and clinical trial design and execution and will advise on the format for delivery of topical agents for wound care.


David Ginsburg, MD

Scientific Advisor


Dr. Ginsburg is James V. Neel Distinguished University Professor at the University of Michigan, and an elected member of the National Academy of Sciences, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and the National Academy of Medicine.  Dr. Ginsburg is also a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator and a world renowned expert in hemostasis and thrombosis and in human genetics. Dr. Ginsburg will provide general advice in the R&D work and suggestions for other experts in the academic scientific and medical communities.

Scott Larsen, PhD

Scientific Advisor


Dr. Larsen is Joseph Burckhalter Collegiate Research Professor of Medicinal Chemistry and Director of the Vahlteich Medicinal Chemistry Core at University of Michigan. Dr. Larsen has over 22 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry (The Upjohn Co, Pharmacia, Pfizer), during which time he developed novel therapeutic agents in multiple disease areas, including anti-virals and anti-bacterials. He has been associated with four clinical candidates and is familiar with both early- and late-stage drug development. He has been working on optimization of the antivirulence compounds in collaboration with Dr. Hongmin Sun since 2007. Dr. Larsen will provide leadership of the Medicinal Chemistry work.


Steven C. Gilman, PhD

Scientific Advisor


Steven C. Gilman, Ph.D., is a pharmaceutical executive with over 35 years’ experience in research, development and business leadership in the biopharmaceutical industry. He was most recently the Chairman of the board of directors and CEO of ContraFect Corporation, a biopharmaceutical company developing novel therapeutics for the treatment of infections caused by multi-drug resistant bacteria. Prior to ContraFect, he was the Executive Vice President of Research & Development and Chief Scientific Officer at Cubist Pharmaceuticals, where he led the successful development and approval of Sivextro and Zerbaxa, until the acquisition of Cubist by Merck & Co in January 2015. Prior to joining Cubist, Dr. Gilman served as chairman of the board of directors and CEO of ActivBiotics from March 2004 to October 2007. Prior to ActivBiotics, Dr. Gilman worked at Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc. where he held a number of senior leadership roles including Vice President and General Manager, Inflammation. Prior to Millennium, he was Group Director at Pfizer Global Research and Development and has also held scientific, business and academic appointments at Wyeth, CYTOGEN Corporation, Temple Medical School and Connecticut College. Dr. Gilman currently serves on the boards of directors of Akebia Therapeutics (Nasdaq: AKBA), serving as Chairman of the research and development committee; ContraFect Corporation (Nasdaq: CFRX), serving as Vice Chairman of the board and Chairman of the science and technology committee; Momenta Pharmaceuticals, Inc (Nasdaq MNTA), serving on the compensation committee and Science Committee; SCYNEXIS Inc. (Nasdaq SCYX), serving on the nominating and corporate governance and audit committees; and Vericel Corporation (Nasdaq VCEL), serving on the compensation committee. Dr. Gilman is a prior member of the board of directors of Inhibikase, Inc, the Massachusetts biotechnology organization (MassBio), the Penn State University biotechnology board and the Northeastern University drug discovery advisory board. Dr. Gilman received his Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in microbiology from Pennsylvania State University, his post-doctoral training in immunology at Scripps Clinic and Research Foundation, and a B.A. in microbiology from Miami University of Ohio.